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Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

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Welcome to the West Side Sephardic Synagogue.
Our community is a vibrant, diverse, and energetic mix of Jews from all over the world, representing no fewer than 7 languages (Hebrew, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, & German) and no less than 13 countries of origin (Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, France, Spain, Italy, America, Syria, Libya, Canada, Russia, Argentina). All of our services are Orthodox and in the Sepharadic tradition, and our Synagogue is open to Jews of all religious and ethnic backgrounds. All official speeches, sermons, and announcements are made in English, and whatever your own native language, chances are we can find you a translator among our ranks.

Our Synagogue is located on 120 West 76th Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam. Prayers and classes take place on the 1st floor (Beit Midrash) of the West Side Institutional Synagogue

  • 120 West 76 Street New York, NY 10023


  • Size

    1,200 SQUARE FEET

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    Architecture, Master Contraction

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